Divorce Lawyers in Naples, FL

A Divorce is a difficult time for all involved, including the children. Our Divorce Lawyers recognize this and take much of the burden off your shoulders. Everyone wants a quick, easy divorce. Unfortunately, there are important personal and financial matters that must be dealt with. Some divorces are quick and easy, but most require thoughtful consideration and compromise to ensure a fair and equitable result. The end result is often predictable once full disclosure of the financial and children issues are known. Most divorces are now resolved through a mediation process involving the clients, their attorneys and a competent mediator.
  • Uncontested Divorce:A divorce is “Uncontested” when both parties agree to ALL issues. A Separation Agreement is signed by both parties and submitted to the Court for approval and the Final Judgment granting the Divorce.
  • Contested Divorce: Your divorce is “Contested” if there is any issue that is not agreed to. Most contested divorces are resolved at mediation. However, if the parties do not reach agreement the final decision on all property and children issues will be made by the Judge after a trial that includes presenting witnesses and exhibits to the Judge so he or she fully understands the situation. Although we prefer to settle cases without a trial, at GGLC we understand and efficiently prepare for a Divorce trial if it is necessary.
  • Other Family Law Matters: Sometimes it is necessary to address other family matters through the courts. These may include, paternity actions to establish a father’s rights, child support obligations and, of course, visitation and custody. Unfortunately parents and children sometimes have to deal with the Department of Children and Family Services through “Dependency” or “Delinquency” Proceedings. At GGLC we will assist you with all these troubling problems.